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Who We Are?

MuaalijOnline is the most affordable Telemedicine Platform in Pakistan. MOL is the brainchild of ComZone International and Nayrang Transcreation Services that has been designed to help a medical practitioner extend their services worldwide.

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a healthcare audio-visual Portal and App to facilitate crystal clear interaction between a doctor and their patients in the comfort of their home or the office. 

ComZone is a multi-platform international entrepreneur that has designed this primary healthcare automation to see a doctor online especially for serving the underprivileged areas in Pakistan and elsewhere. This automation will enable anyone to consult a world-class physician, get the prime quality care and develop a soothing relationship – all online without leaving their doorstep. The unique combination of top-rated physicians, high-quality care, and an unbelievable healing experience is a surer promise to make MuaalijOnline an ideal place both for the patients and doctors. MuaalijOnline is to focus mainly on the online urgent & primary healthcare.


What is MOL-P?

MuaalijOnline Premium (MOL-P) has been designed to deliver a fast and encrypted primary healthcare solution with high-quality video and audio support. The core interactive infrastructure of this automation is coupled with high availability on a separate geo-redundant public-cloud system. Both MuaalijOnline and ComZone are also in sync with a most unique ergonomic approach along with state of the art monitoring technology to ensure functional telemedicine services 24/7 in the region and elsewhere.
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A Unique Opportunity for Muaalijeen!

This is a rare opportunity for medical practitioners, because they may experience an international level telemedicine practice with their clinic in their smartphone anywhere & anytime without paying a penny until they opt to join this platform regularly. 

Meet Our Doctors

Our administration and support staff all have exceptional people skills and trained to assist you with all medical enquiries.

Dr Mushtaq Ahmed

A Graduate From Dow University Of Health Sciences

Mehreen Malik

Mehreen Malik is a Consultant of Psychology She is a specialist in providing professional support to those who are going through emotional and psychological struggles.

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