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Other Physicians Treat The Disease, Our Physicians Treats The Patient Who Has The Disease

“The physician treats with words; within the physician-patient social system, the patient is moved by fears and other sentiments, and these are modified by the physician’s words and phrases. Physicians dispense not only medicines but words that influence medicines or, all by themselves, that affect the patient more than the medicine” – DR MORGAN MARTIN
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When Your Back Is To The Wall And You Are Facing Fear Head On, The Only Way Is Forward And Through It ― Stephen Richards

If You Or A Loved One Are Suffering From Depression, Anxiety, Or Other Mental Health Issues, Please Look For Help. Whether It’s Here With Us Or Elsewhere, Finding Professional Help Is An Important Step On The Road To Recovery. MuaalijOnline Offers Online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Men’s Therapy, Couples’ Counselling, Neuropsychological Evolutions, And More To Patients […]
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