Communique Disclaimer - Muaalij Online

ComZone strictly discourages sending unsolicited messages hence ‘no response on your part will be considered in the negative’ and will bind us to have your status updated in our mailing list.

To keep the Uninterested Applicants unbothered – as per our policy cited above – by any unintended unsolicited message sent due to – if any – unexpected glitch in our automated system we will immediately block their contact IDs forever i.e. email(s) & phone number(s) mainly, once their response is deemed to be confirmed in the negative either explicit or otherwise as mentioned herein.

  • Thus you are supposed to ignore and inform us (about) any system generated messages sent by any unknown technical error if  you . . 


  1. Have Already Filled In the Complete Data In Your Profile Section;
  2. Have Already Submitted All Charges;
  3. Are Interested To Start Your Regular TeleClinic on our Platform and if,
  4. Have Already Informed ComZone to Update Your Status but It Has Still been Unable to Do So Due to Some Unavoidable Technical Error.


General Counsel (CLO),

Corporate Lawyer,

ComZone (MuaalijOnline)