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Frequently Asked Questions
To Be In Effect From: February 01, 2021
One-time Service Fee & Subscription (Rental) Charges will be received in-advance when you decide to join regularly after the mock-practice.
To join this virtual healthcare platform as a Physician Sign-up on our official website and experience the System through mock-practice absolutely free of cost until you decide to pay Subscription & One-time Service Charges to start your regular practice with paying patients, however a certain limit applies similar to Fair Usage Policy (FUP).
The System is effective, yet very easy to understand and you can grasp how to use it effectively within minutes.
During mock-practice for understanding the System, you can see 2-3 dummy patients.
You cannot see regular patients until your credentials are duly verified and you have submitted the One-time Service Fee and Subscription (Rental) Charges.
Suppose your fee is rupees 2000 per patient per session. If you see only 10 patients a month, you will be earning 17,000 rupees extra after deducting our Subscription (Rental) Charges – 3000 rupees – all hassle free. However this a demo calculation and you may recalculate a much better plan as per your professional insights.
Yes, both, Patients and Providers can watch our on-site orientation videos to understand how MOL works
Given the busiest professional schedule of providers MOL has a unique user-friendly and easy system to be grasped within minutes; however feel free to email, whatsapp or call us if you have any query. You can also inbox your question via our on-site chatbot. We will call you back shortly.
One-time Service Fee to be received is to create, manage and maintain your profile and account along with generating steady income influx mutually beneficial both for the Providers and the Platform through continual promotional and marketing approach.
This is a commission free and most affordable opportunity in Pakistan for the Physicians; however this is not a regular or salaried job either and MuaalijOnline will charge monthly rental i.e.Subscription.
With the help of our applied promotional outreach and marketing insights practitioners may generate good monthly income up to six figures.
This is a rare opportunity for medical practitioners, because they may experience an international level telemedicine practice with their clinic in their smartphone anywhere & anytime.
Procedure: As per your profile specialities and fee the system will notify you about the matching patient. After reviewing the patient’s details you will schedule the interaction time and date and feed it back into the system. At the given time and date you will be digitally prompted to interact with your patient audio-visually anywhere in the world via our high-tech system on your Smartphone or Computer and prescribe the medicines, etc. to be texted back to the patient in black and white.
However, before you start the session: You must ask your patient to deposit your fee online into your active bank account. In the confirmation message MuaalijOnline will also remind the patient to transfer the fee into your account. You must confirm that your fee has duly been transferred into your account. You must ask your patient to forward you the snapshot of the amount receipt that has been transferred into your account by them. You must never see a patient until your fee has been transferred and acknowledged by you. We advise you not to share your personal credentials with your patients and to receive the snapshot of the bank receipt, just give them your official email address generated by MuaalijOnline.
Never, no matter how much you earn MuaalijOnline will only receive Rs3K from you for its subscription (rental) charges per month.
Commission Free & Most Affordable Income. Zero admin burden. Work from the comfort of your own home with a flexible schedule. No special equipment needed, except a Smartphone & Solid Internet.
Because MuaalijOnline Premium has been designed to deliver a fast and encrypted primary healthcare solution with high-quality video and audio support. Both MuaalijOnline and ComZone are also in sync with state of the art monitoring technology to ensure functional telemedicine services 24/7 in the region and elsewhere.
Online pharmacy will also be available for Premium Members to help them deliver their prescribed generic or branded medicines to the doorstep of their patients anywhere in the world.
NO, the Sign-up process is quick and will take you only a few moments to upload your credentials.
Many more high-tech & exciting features to be announced soon in upcoming Premium Update especially designed for Crystal Clear Audio-Visual Physician-Patient Interaction.
Yes, Muaalijonline is a Joint Venture of Comzone International & Nayrang Transcreation based in Karachi, Pakistan.

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