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Because MuaalijOnline Premium has been designed to deliver a fast and encrypted primary healthcare solution with high-quality video and audio support. The core interactive infrastructure of this automation is coupled with high availability on a separate geo-redundant public-cloud system. Both MuaalijOnline and ComZone are also in sync with a most unique ergonomic approach along with state of the art monitoring technology to ensure functional telemedicine services 24/7 in the region and elsewhere.

Online Pharmacy

Online pharmacy will also be available for Premium Members to help them deliver their prescribed generic or branded medicines to the doorstep of their patients anywhere in the world.

Who We Are?

MuaalijOnline is the brainchild of ComZone International and Nayrang Transcreation Services. It has been conceived to help a medical practitioner extend their services worldwide powered by virtual healthcare audio-visual Portals and Apps designed to facilitate crystal clear interaction between a physician and their patient. 

However, In Its Nature Muaalijonline Is An NGO Based On The ‘No-Profit-No-Loss’ Policy. It Is Solely Dependent On Monthly Subscription And One-Time Service Charges That It Is Supposed To Receive From Its Online End-Users.

ComZone is a multi-platform international entrepreneur that has designed this primary healthcare automation to see a doctor online especially for serving the underprivileged areas in Pakistan and elsewhere.

This automation will enable anyone to consult a world-class physician, get the prime quality care and develop a soothing relationship – all online without leaving their doorstep.

MuaalijOnline is the most affordable international level telemedicine platform designed for the unique minds that think for tomorrow to help them extend their medical practice super conveniently across the globe.

The unique combination of top-rated physicians, high-quality care, and an unbelievable healing experience is a surer promise to make MuaalijOnline an ideal place both for the patients and doctors.

MuaalijOnline is to focus mainly on the online urgent & primary healthcare, where both Part-time & Full-time slots will be available for the medical practitioners as per their professional convenience.

To practice virtually on our automation doctors will need no special equipment, except a solid internet connection, computer, webcam and a functional Online Bank or Mobile Account.

MuaalijOnline Premium powered by the matchless expertise of ComZone towards applied promotional outreach and marketing insights, will help the dedicated physicians earn well depending on their extraordinary skills.

MuaalijOnline Premium promises many exciting ergonomic features such as crystal clear audio-visual conversation only and especially designed for the patient-physician virtual interaction.

If you too are desirous to be a building block of this virtual dream, please fill out our online registration form and upload your credentials to enjoy a risk-free trial period.

However when the 15-Day Free Trial is over the registered members can reset their membership by submitting their Registration Fee and Subscription Charges as per their choice.

Premium members may also enjoy cross-platform individual promotion for their specific expertise.

MuaalijOnline has started its operation on trial basis enabling subscription based income for its affiliated members as they have been duly informed about the working mechanics after finishing their paid registration process.

This is a rare opportunity for medical practitioners, because they may experience an international level telemedicine practice with their clinic in their smartphone anywhere & anytime.

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